1What is traditional chinese medicine?
It is a millenary medicine based in universal and energetic principles of chinese taoist culture from 1500 years BC. Its principal objective is to balance the body, mind and soul of the human being and this holesome with their environment.
2Which are the main diseases treated with Chinese medicine?

• Cardiorespiratory

o Asthma
o Sinusitis
o Cough/frequent colds
o Palpitations
o Venous insufficiency
o High blood pressure

• Gastrointestinal

o Gastroesophageal reflux
o Diarrhea / Constipation
o Irritable bowel syndrome

• Metabolic

o Diabetes
o Obesity

• Genitourinary

o Hemorrhoids
o Impotence
o Urinary incontinence
o Prostatitis
o Fluid retention

• Dermatological

o Acne
o Psoriasis
o Eczema

• Neurological

o Headache / migraine
o Vertigo
o Trigeminal Neuralgia
o Facial paralysis
o Sciatica

• Gynecological

o Infertility
o Premenstrual syndrome
o Leucorrhoea
o Insufficient lactation
o Mastitis
o Menopause

• Pediatrics

o Enuresis
o Language disorders
o Hyperactivity disorder

• Rheumatologic

o Rheumatoid arthritis
o Gout

• Traumatology

o Torticollis / Neck pain
o Arthrosis
o Lumbago
o Sprains

• Otorhinolaryngology

o Tinnitus
o Rhinitis/Epistaxis
o Aphonia
o Toothache

• Ophthalmology

o Blepharoptosis
o Eye tearing / ocular dryness

• Psychoemotional

o Stress
o Insomnia
o Anxiety
o Depression
o Addiction
3Who can be treated with chinese medicine?
Any sick or healthy person can benefit from chinese medicine treatments to relive their symptoms, promote their health, prevent complications or underlying diseases and restore their well being.
4Is the application of acupuncture needles painful?
Due to the thin thickness of the needles only a picket feeling is perceived when applied. The acupunctural sensation can be felt in the form of cramp, heaviness, bloating or tingling without causing pain.
5What kind of needles are used in acupuncture?
In TAO SALUD clinic we use disponsable and sterile needles of different materials, lengths and diameters according to the requirements of each particular case.
6What is a treatment session?
The session is divided into an inicial assessment consultation followed by the application of the appropiate therapeutic methods to its diagnosis, lasting about one hour.
7How often should sessions be done?
The therapeutic plan is established in a personalized way. At the beginning of the treatment the sessions are performed with short intervals of time that lengthen according to the progress of recovery.
8Can the treatment with Chinese medicine hurt me?
All the therapeutic methods in chinese medicine must be performed by experienced professionals for their safe and correct application avoiding risks and possible unwanted effects.